May 18, 2024

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Bisnow’s New Co-Heads Of Sales Reveal Winning Marketing Strategies And Plans For The Future

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Bisnow co-Heads of Sales Tyler Fisher and Brian Kinslow

Brian Kinslow and Tyler Fisher understand what it takes to transform a company from a scrappy startup to a global media, data and intelligence platform. 

Bisnow’s newly minted co-heads of sales joined the company on the same day nearly 11 years ago, when Bisnow was still growing its brand and developing its events and editorial strategy. In their new roles, they will oversee a sales team that hosts events in 45 markets in the U.S. and abroad.

“When I started at Bisnow 11 years ago, we had a strong foundation and a belief in our platform but were pretty unknown in the markets that I was directly covering,” Kinslow said. “Looking at where we are now, in multiple countries and with a brand that has become a critical resource for the commercial real estate industry, it is humbling to think how much we’ve grown.”

Last year, the company closed 2,750 deals, 1,300 more than when Kinslow and Fisher first joined Bisnow.

“These are big milestones, but for me, it’s also the small daily things that I take pride in,” Kinslow said. “When an employee takes on a new challenge and wins, when we help a client grow their business or even when I see someone in line to get lunch and they’re reading Bisnow on their phone.” 

Fisher said he has also witnessed Bisnow’s name recognition grow with each passing year and that the company’s growth “defies the odds” of everything people believe about media sales, real estate and the economy as a whole.

“Eleven years ago, I had to begin every call by asking people if they were familiar with Bisnow,” he said. “Today, it’s tough to operate in CRE without seeing Bisnow’s name on a near-daily basis.”

Now, Fisher and Kinslow are ready to help Bisnow evolve even more and usher in the next generation of sales and marketing innovation.  

Bisnow sat down with Fisher and Kinslow to learn more about how they view the state of CRE marketing, the strategies the industry should be focused on, the role technology and artificial intelligence will play in the future of CRE, and their plans for Bisnow. 

What CRE Firms Are Doing Right And What They Should Rethink 

The importance of brand credibility and recognition is at a premium, Kinslow said. This is why the companies that succeed have a strategic campaign in place showcasing thought leadership and consistent brand presence.

“Now more than ever, there is a need to prove the effectiveness of your marketing campaign,” Kinslow said. “The companies that are winning track metrics and take action on reporting that is provided and also push their marketing partners to provide more insight and data.”

As for how CRE firms could improve their strategies, Fisher said too many firms are stuck doing things the same way they have for decades, and their resistance to innovation is keeping them from going up against their competitors. 

“Some firms don’t know their conversion percentage or don’t have a cohesive outbound strategy,” he said. “They’ve been doing business development the same way for decades. Change can be uncomfortable, but once you embrace it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make it sooner.”

The Marketing Approaches CRE Should Embrace

The clients who find the greatest success are those that put themselves in front of their audience by attending events or engaging with publications in their region, Kinslow said. This is especially important for companies that have a limited marketing budget.

“Companies that have a limited budget need to focus on targeting the right audience and gaining the maximum amount of exposure to that group,” Kinslow said. “Because they can’t risk spending money on connecting with the wrong companies, the strategy needs to be highly focused.”

Kinslow said in-person events are critical for clients looking to share their products with others, showcase their knowledge and connect with their audience. In fact, they are more important than ever. 

“Sometimes you don’t know how good you have it until you don’t have it anymore,” he said. “This industry thrives on connecting in person to shake hands, share ideas and meet new people. I’ve found there is a much greater appreciation for in-person events now that we had to take some time away from them.” 

Bisnow offers regional and international events that are the perfect opportunity to do just that, including two-day events such as the International Life Sciences event and DICE East.

Bisnow understands that events are not one-size-fits-all, and some companies need to be at a big multinational conference while some prefer smaller invite-only gatherings,” Kinslow said. “Some should take advantage of a combination of events that are heavy on content, while others may prefer networking-only-focused gatherings.”

The Role Of Technology In CRE Marketing 

When it comes to marketing technology, Fisher said Biscred is one software that CRE firms should have on their radar. Biscred is a prospecting platform that allows users to find contact information for CRE decision-makers to help them close deals. They can search for a specific person or company or use filters to search by industry, job title, asset class and location.

“Biscred is a tool that helps sales professionals identify people they didn’t know they needed to meet with, rather than focus on the same leads you’ve been chasing for years,” Fisher said.

Embracing the future of CRE tech also involves looking at the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers. AI tools may help sales teams by streamlining some time-consuming daily tasks, including generating a list of contacts for prospecting and automating internal processes, Fisher said.

Given that AI is here to stay, it is important for people to understand how it can be used within their businesses, he said.

“You might think that AI will replace your role or company or turn the company’s operations and the industry at large upside down,” Fisher said. “Instead, however, you should be focusing on how to experiment with AI and leverage it to make your business more efficient, because the company that’s doing that could eventually eat your lunch.” 

Kinslow said that Bisnow is staying on top of AI trends and will continue to inform its audience about advancements.

“Right now, we are starting to produce content with our editorial team, through national webinars and at our local in-market events exploring how AI will impact not just CRE marketing but the industry as a whole,” Kinslow said.

What Lies Ahead For Bisnow Sales

Fisher and Kinslow said their goals include expanding Bisnow’s global presence, continuing to help clients find the right solutions for their targeting and reporting needs, and embracing creative methods for putting out new information, event formats and products.

“We always find a way to win. Our growth year-over-year defies the odds of everything you would hear about media sales, real estate or the economy as a whole,” Fisher said. “We have a strong rejection of complacency and are looking forward to continually improving and advancing the industry.”


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