July 20, 2024

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Global MBA Students Travel To London, Madrid And Berlin For International Business Immersion

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Global business trips on the EDHEC MBA teach students about leadership in business centers around the world—here’s what they learned

International management and business is one of the most sought-after learning areas among prospective business school students.

If you’re looking for this knowledge, enrolling in an international MBA program abroad is a good start. However, it’s also important to seek out international trips while studying your MBA to gain the widest business exposure possible.

The EDHEC Global MBA gives students the chance to do just that. In addition to welcoming a diverse cohort representing more than 25 nationalities, EDHEC MBAs take part in two international business trips during the program, in addition to career and industry treks.

These trips take students to EDHEC executive campuses or company locations in global business centers such as London, Stockholm, or Berlin, which are a part of the Sustainable Impact Challenge and the specialization tracks. Students choose between international finance, global leadership, entrepreneurship, or digital innovation as their specialization, with each track including a learning expedition to a different destination which changes each year.

Hear from three students to find out about their key takeaways and how they have impacted the way they think about their post-MBA careers.

“Innovation is not just about technology; it’s about mindset”

3f645c5b94568ffa4b145ab89097272c306fa34e.jpg Akshay Raje (pictured right) worked as business strategy lead at industrial machinery manufacturing company Thermax Limited prior to his MBA at EDHEC. Now, he is exploring entrepreneurship, aided by the school’s dedicated entrepreneurship track, which took him and his classmates to Berlin.

The first stop was French Tech Berlin, a network of French tech entrepreneurs based in the German capital. There, the chief of staff explained how the French entrepreneurial spirit thrives in Berlin’s tech landscape.

“The emphasis on AI and innovation in the startup sector provided us with a firsthand look at how international cooperation can propel technological advancements,” Akshay says.

The group also visited:

– WISTA Coworking, to learn about business promotion and development

– Bräugier Brewery, to learn about breaking into niche markets in traditional sectors

– Impact Hub Berlin, to learn about sustainable and socially impactful business

– The BMW bikes factory, to see modern production technology up close

The theme that emerged from these visits was a powerful one for Akshay: “Innovation is not just about technology; it’s about mindset.

“Berlin’s startup ecosystem thrives on a culture of experimentation and a fearless approach to challenging norms, which is something I’m eager to incorporate into my own entrepreneurial journey.

“As I reflect on this journey, the key takeaway is clear: whether it’s through embracing technological advances, leveraging international networks, or fostering a culture of sustainability, innovation is the cornerstone of successful entrepreneurship.”


It’s not all work and no play: EDHEC Global MBAs visit a wind tunnel on their global business trip to Berlin. Photo courtesy of Akshay Raje.

Learning about risk, venture capital, and cryptocurrency in London


Wriddhi P (pictured right) worked in the petrochemicals industry in India prior to his MBA, but is now exploring opportunities in finance.

As part of the finance track on the EDHEC MBA, Wriddhi visited London with his classmates.

“It was such a diverse experience interacting with different professionals and alumni from the sector in different industries,” he says.

The experiences on the trip were wide-ranging. The class visited the Association for Financial Markets in Europe, Global Risk Solutions, and Cambridge Future Tech, a venture capital firm.

They also heard from executives at coinpass.com about the challenges facing cryptocurrency and crypto-exchanges.

The week finished up with visits to the Bloomberg office, Exchange Data International, Edenred, and the climate finance company EBRD.

Wriddhi was inspired: “From paytech to crypto, from financial data terminals to auditing, from venture capital to development banks, the week was packed with so many different aspects of finance to understand and have a firsthand idea about.”

Leadership must evolve as a startup matures

Tailin Li (pictured right) came to the MBA from a technical consulting career in China, but he aspires to establish a presence in the manufacturing industry. His overall goal is contributing to companies’ sustainable development, something that is sure to be helped by his experience on the EDHEC Global MBA business trip to Madrid. 393a5c7c54cccfa7c10db353dbb7dcbbce5f9f7f.jpg

The week-long visit was tailored to the MBA’s leadership track, and saw students visit many different companies across industries including manufacturing, retail, clothing, technology, telecommunications, and startups.

Li learned many valuable leadership lessons on the trip, for instance about multicultural leadership.

“Leaders foster inclusivity through cultural intelligence, employing strategies like cross-cultural training and mentorship,” he says.

“By valuing diverse perspectives, leaders drive innovation and collaboration.”

Li also greatly valued the insight he gained into the evolution of leadership in entrepreneurial ventures.

“From the nimble, visionary leadership of entrepreneurship to high-level management, a transformation occurs,” he explains. “Early-stage leaders prioritize agility and execution, while mature leaders embrace strategic collaboration and delegation.

“Adaptation requires honing skills in communication and emotional intelligence, facilitating sustainable growth.”

As he moves forward in his career, Li has been inspired to embrace collaboration and pursue common goals with benefits beyond the bottom line of an organization.

“Effective leadership transcends cultural, generational, and organizational boundaries,” he says. “By embracing diversity, adapting to change, and nurturing talent, leaders can inspire and empower individuals and teams to achieve common goals and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.”


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