May 18, 2024

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Innovative Solutions for Affordable Accommodations”

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TORONTO, April 22, 2024 /CNW/ – To tackle the pressing issue of affordable student housing, International Business University (IBU) is thrilled to announce its partnership with SpacesShared, a pioneering online home-sharing platform, IBU (International Business University) recognizes the paramount importance of providing our students with safe and affordable living options. Our collaboration with SpacesShared heralds a new era of innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by students seeking suitable accommodations.

“The collaboration with SpacesShared embodies our commitment to fostering a supportive environment for our students while engaging with members of the community,” remarked Joanne Shoveller, President of IBU. SpacesShared utilizes an online platform and a dedicated team to connect students in search of safe and affordable housing with adult and older adult hosts. This initiative not only addresses the housing needs of students but also offers the hosts an opportunity to contribute to the next generation’s success while alleviating issues such as loneliness and inflation.

Rylan Kinnon, CEO of SpacesShared, aptly captures the essence of our partnership, stating, “We are committed to offering safe and affordable home sharing opportunities for Hosts and Students. Our platform is a fully self-contained system that facilitates and streamlines the entire process, enhancing convenience.” He adds, “Our program has led to many success stories, proving its value to both students and hosts.”

“Fostering intergenerational relationships is key to combating social isolation for both older adults and students,” shares Jackie Tanner, CXO and co-founder at SpacesShared. “Safety is essential for these connections to thrive. At SpacesShared we bridge this gap, making sure home sharing is a secure and enriching experience for hosts and students alike.”

SpacesShared ensures the safety and security of its users through a thorough verification processes, that includes identity checks, address verification and criminal background screenings for both hosts and students.

Whether you are an older adult seeking to generate additional income or a student looking for a supportive living arrangement, SpacesShared offers a transformative solution that fosters connections and enriches lives.

As we embark on this journey with SpacesShared, we invite individuals interested in becoming hosts or seeking further information to visit or reach out to our institutional contact.

IBU and SpacesShared also invite those interested in exploring home sharing to a free information session about the program on Thursday, April 25, between 11am to 12pm at IBU downtown campus, which is located at 80 Bloor St w, 9th floor.

About International Business University (IBU)

As Ontario’s first independent home-grown business university, IBU is committed to educating business leaders who can seize opportunities in a global business environment of hyper change.

Demand for diverse, innovative, resilient, tech-savvy, coachable, team-oriented employees have increased with rapid changes in technology, resources, and job expectations. Traditional teaching approaches and the complexity of larger learning institutions can hinder responsiveness to rapidly changing employer needs. To expand the talent base and work with employers, IBU is blending theory and practice in its degree programs continuously, emphasizing learning and work integration.

The IBU Solution: Personalized Learning

IBU is a flexible, accessible, and personalized alternative for students and employers to develop graduates who are trained to adapt to a continuously changing environment. Newly established in Ontario, IBU is an independent, not-for-profit university for both domestic and international students. As an independent university IBU can respond nimbly to society’s and employers’ evolving needs, developing graduates with carefully tailored competencies and skill sets for changing job requirements. In addition to offering degrees, IBU is partnering with academic institutions and companies to deliver certificates, professional credentials and micro-credential programs aligned with market demands.

IBU’s unique value proposition of “personalized learning” creates a tailored life-span approach from preapplication to graduation and beyond. Each student’s Personalized Learning Plan includes a close faculty-student experience, class-sizes of 30 students, dedicated student advisors, industry mentors and a curriculum that is guided by the skills, learning outcomes and competencies identified as high value by employers. The resulting learning environment, whether online or in person, is intimate, responsive, and focused on individualized learning so that all students can succeed.

An expanded, diverse talent pool with competencies aligned to employers’ needs.

  • IBU’s learning environment and support systems work with students’ diverse backgrounds and learning styles to create graduates who will learn continuously through their careers.
  • IBU’s curriculum is aligned with employment and future career opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation are encouraged through engagement with industry.

IBU’s personalized learning promise attracts a diverse range of students to fulfill their potential with smaller classes, faculty mentorship and tailored student support to be “job-ready” for employers.

About SpacesShared

SpacesShared is a home sharing technology platform that empowers two key groups to meet each other: older adults and students. Launched in 2023, SpacesShared is responding to the Canadian housing situation with a solution that prioritizes connection, comfort, and community. Students looking for a safe, affordable place to stay can now quickly and affordably connect with older adult hosts who would like some extra income, help around the house, and an opportunity to give back. The platform is entirely selfcontained from application, to agreement, rent and relationship management on its website. It is a new way to honour a long-standing tradition: opening homes to people and experiences that enrich lives and communities. For more information about home sharing through SpacesShared, or to register for a free account as a host or a student, visit

SOURCE International Business University

For further information: For media inquiries regarding SpacesShared, please contact [email protected]; For International Business University media inquiries, please reach out to [email protected]


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