April 23, 2024

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Dentons launches tool to help companies mitigate the impact of a geopolitical crisis on their international business operations

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Dentons and Dentons Global Advisors (DGA), a multidisciplinary consulting firm, have launched ‘Market Disruption Readiness’, a tool aimed at helping companies mitigate the effects of geopolitical risks on their international business operations. The aim is to offer a comprehensive solution that combines Dentons’ legal advice with Dentons Global Advisors’ public affairs, international strategy and commercial diplomacy advice, comprehensively addressing all needs that may arise before, during and after a crisis.

Market Disruption Readiness

The project is led by a team of 15 partners with extensive practical experience in advising companies on potential risks in complex geopolitical scenarios, who will work with lawyers around the world from Dentons’ global network to provide tailored advice and help with challenges arising in a given market.

In this way, the new tool offers risk assessments to identify the potential impact of different geopolitical scenarios, strategic and legal planning, communications planning, or ongoing monitoring and theory exercises. It will also assist in the implementation of business prevention plans by renegotiating agreements, adding contractual clauses, restructuring joint ventures and other corporate structures, creating agreements with alternative suppliers or financial institutions, protecting intellectual property, or providing communications support, among other things.

Dentons and Dentons Global Advisors

“Multinationals face an increasingly challenging international operating environment due to complex and changing geopolitical situations, which can result in sanctions, export controls, supply chain disruptions, compliance exposures and even forced market exits,” says Pierre Parvine, partner and co-head of Dentons’ Industrial Group in Europe. “In our experience helping clients respond to political crises around the world, we have observed time and again that agility is key. We have therefore identified measures that companies can take early so that they can respond quickly in the event of market turbulence,” he adds.

John Hughes, a partner at Dentons Global Advisors, says that “the Market Disruption Readiness tool enables companies to take a proactive, forward-looking approach to planning for and mitigating geopolitical crises. Should the worst happen and they are forced to exit a market, they will not only be ready to act quickly to mitigate the risks, but they will also be better prepared to return when the situation stabilizes, shortening their time to market,” he adds.


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